Listen to good music and you might wiggle your toe, tap out the beat with a finger, or be really moved and dance about. For some listening to music is enough.

For others, being part of an ensemble that creates this music brings joy and fulfillment. The magic of the printed page, full of strange symbols and ancient words, becomes the sounds of life through finger and breath, motion and spirit. It takes a desire to come together in a common purpose and to wrestle with a huge set of variables. The result is both effective and affective unlike any other pursuit.

The Forest Hills Adult Community Band offers a place for personal growth in instrumental music. Some of our musicians have played their instruments for many years. Other have not played for many years, but wish to return to great musical performances. Some build upon common musical foundations essential for all instruments and learn the unique techniques of a new instrument. It is our mission to provide opportunity for musical enrichment through the rehearsal and performance of instrumental music within the framework of a full concert setting.

Our musicians come from all walks of life, leaving their professions at the band room door, unpack their cases and begin, with an upbeat from our conductor, Greg Christensen, to provide our audience with the music that makes toes wiggle, fingers tap, and spirits dance. Come join us, on stage or in the audience, for our music is for all.